Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Play Othello

Welcome to my new website. Eventually I'll put some of the pictures and other stuff from my old website back online. For now, the only thing of note is the Java version of my Othello game.

I originally wrote this as part of a graduate level Artificial Intelligence class at George Mason University in 1989. That version was written in C for the Atari ST. Around 1993 I ported it to DOS on an IBM PC and later to Windows 95 using Visual C++. I rewrote it in Java in 1998 as a way to learn the language. I updated the Java version to use Swing in 2000.

Unfortunately, the program does not play very well. It can beat most people just because most people also don't play Othello very well. But any competent Othello player can beat it, and there are far better Othello programs available.

If you would like an excellent Othello program, I highly recommend Gunnar Andersson's Zebra. In addition to being one of the best Othello programs in the world, it is free!



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