Thursday, October 23, 2008

Only in DC

So I'm drinking some Guinness with a friend at the Old Brogue when CNN starts showing coverage of Greenspan's testimony to Congress. I laugh, shake my head, and comment on the irony of the same Congressmen who just a few years ago were singing this man's praises and only too happy to hang on his every word, now pillorying him. As I do, the guy at the next table says, "Tell me about it. I work at the Fed and was on the Hill today. Talk about hypocrites."

Sadly, he was already putting his coat on and getting ready to leave with his two kids. I would have loved to have heard his take on the credit crunch.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

While visiting Nathan and Kiera, we took a trip out to Natural Bridge. I've lived in Virginia my entire life, including a lengthy stint in southwest Virginia, so it's a crime that it took me this long to take the short detour off I-81 to see it. I was (am) truly in awe. Pictures can not do it justice.


Kai Hansard and the House on Main Street

Nathan and Kai

Carol and I finally met my best friend Nathan's 10-week old baby, Kai! It's cliche to talk about your friends' babies as "the most beautiful and well-behaved baby I've ever seen". In this case, it's true. No, really! Who couldn't adore those chipmunk cheeks!

As always, we had a wonderful time visiting Nathan and Kiera in beautiful Buchanan, Virginia. Since Carol is a light sleeper under the best of circumstances, we decided to stay in a Bed & Breakfast this time. Fortunately, a new one had recently opened. Nate and Kiera hadn't stayed there but they had been to the restaurant and love the very friendly owners, so they suggested we try it.

It was a fantastic suggestion! The room was beautiful, the meals (dinner and breakfast) excellent, and the owners were every bit as friendly as Nate and Kiera said.

If you are looking to visit southwest Virginia (anywhere between Lexington and Blacksburg), we highly recommend The House on Main Street.

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