Monday, July 07, 2008


Morocco screenshot

Sadly, not another vacation post. (Although I'd love to go!) Instead, it's the name I've given to the port of my Othello game to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Othello is a trademark of Mattel in the US and of Anjar in the rest of the world, so I couldn't use it. And my favorite alternative, Iago, has been taken by several other Othello programs. Wanting something slightly original, I went with a name reminiscent of the North African Moors on whom Othello was supposedly based.

You can find more info on my Bayou Games website.

And if you have an iPod or iPod Touch, look for it on iTunes and the iPhone App Store when it opens on July 11th. It's being distributed for free so give it a try and let me know what you think.



Anonymous Zach said...

dude, Morocco is great. Thanks for making this.

8:52 PM, August 01, 2008  

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