Monday, August 24, 2009

Reston Metric Century 2009

After doing the Reston Metric Century (100 kilometers) last year, I decided that I'd up my goal and do a full century (100 mile) ride this year. Some friends who have done multiple century rides recommended the Seagull Century — a supposedly beautiful ride along Maryland's Eastern Shore and Assateague Island.

Since the Seagull isn't until October, I decided to do the Reston Metric again as part of my training. I'm glad I did because not only was it a lot of fun, but I completed in much better time than I did last year and with much less pain! I'm now confident I'll be in shape for the full hundred miles in October.

The ride was slightly changed from last year, but not much. The main difference I noticed is that it stayed on the W&OD Trail all the way out to Leesburg. Last year's ride left the trail in Ashburn and took suburban and rural streets out through downtown Leesburg. But this year still had the 10% grade up Woodburn Road which was almost as painful as I remembered it!

The weather was gorgeous and the event was very well organized. I had a great time. Now to finish getting in shape for the Seagull!



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